Katie Burke

Katie Burke

Position: Patient Navigator

When her own cancer treatment ended in 2009, Katie Burke became a medical assistant at WVCI. Now, as a patient navigator, Burke says she can relate to patients on a level that not everyone can.

Beginning her new role in August 2012, Burke says, “I’m excited to support patients through this difficult time, relate to their experiences and give them hope. I also really enjoy being able to encourage our patients to use the resources that are available to them.”

Burke has her bachelor’s degree in human development and family services with a minor in psychology from Oregon State University. “I’ll be at WVCI forever,” she says, adding that she believes she’s meant to work in cancer care.

Off the clock, Burke helps lead a support group for young women cancer survivors. Given her personal journey, she’s aware of the specific needs of young survivors and is passionate about advocating for them. Learn more about her story here.

Burke is an Oregon native. She lives with her husband and daughter, Sutton, and two dogs and enjoys her role helping others.

Patient navigators guide patients through the cancer treatment process, providing emotional support and helping them connect with resources they need. Learn more here. Schedule a free appointment by calling 541-683-5001.