Big changes are happening at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, and we ask for your continued patience as our facility expansion and renovation moves into phase II. This phase of the construction project will be the most complex and potentially disruptive, as work crews begin renovating interior patient care areas.

What can patients expect?

Due to work in the main lobby—including the reception desk, front elevator and waiting room—patients entering the building will be directed to the Community Room for check-in.

At some point during this phase of construction, patients will be directed to the back elevator to access the medical oncology exam rooms, the infusion room and retail pharmacy.

Patients receiving radiation therapy may be asked to take a less direct route from the entrance of the building to the treatment area.

The radiation exam rooms and nursing station on the first floor will also be renovated, but this will have little impact on patients.

Work on the second floor will include renovations to the medical oncology nursing station, the creation of new exam rooms and the expansion of the pharmacy. In addition, there will be a temporary wall erected in the infusion room as work crews attach the new addition to the existing building.

This phase of construction is expected to wrap up in late January. However, in the meantime, there will be increased noise and rerouting of the usual pathways, including blocked hallways, stairways and elevators. We have placed directional signage in those areas to assist patients.

The entire project is scheduled to be complete in May 2017.

Thank you for your patience during construction. Watch for updates on the expansion, here, on our blog.