Kathy DeLeon

Position:  Patient Navigator

As a patient navigator, Kathy DeLeon is committed to putting the needs of patients front and center.

“Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially if you are going through it alone,” Kathy says. “My goal is to be there at those critical times and provide patients what they need, even if it’s simply holding their hand or offering a hug.”

Attentive and encouraging, Kathy believes that compassion is the focal point of patient care. She connects patients to resources, shares information to help them manage their cancer journey, and offers an ear when they need someone to listen.

“With every patient I meet, I strive to go above and beyond, to treat them in the same way that I would care for my own family. If I can help a patient feel less burdened after speaking with me, then that’s my reward.”

In her free time, Kathy enjoys spending time with her family. Traveling is also a passion, whether it’s an international excursion or a weekend camping trip in the family’s motorhome.