Delene Hass, NCMA

Position:  Patient Navigator

Delene Hass’ daily focus is the well-being of patients. As a patient navigator, she helps with in-the-moment needs, from connecting patients with resources, to offering a shoulder to lean on.

“Every person who passes through our doors deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and kindness. I look at each patient as I would a member of my own family. I listen to their concerns and determine how I can best support them through their treatment.”

Self-motivated and helpful, Delene radiates positivity, offering encouragement, reassurance and guidance.

“A cancer diagnosis, and all the changes that come with it, can be difficult to navigate. If I can lend a hand and make a difference for patients, even in small ways, that’s what brings meaning and purpose to what I do.”

Outside of the clinic, Delene enjoys working in her garden, camping, hiking and spending time with her two grandchildren.