Tina Fodrie

Position: Clinical Research Manager

Encouraging and outgoing, Tina Fodrie prides herself on being a “positive optimist”—focusing on what’s possible and striving to make it happen.

As clinical research manager with more than 16 years of experience in molecular oncology and clinical laboratory science, Tina leads the research nursing and data teams, optimizing and implementing new processes and enrolling patients in clinical trials.

Tina is inspired by her staff-members’ compassion and shares their genuine desire to enhance patients’ lives by providing what she calls “hope in action.”

“Being part of a team that strives daily to provide excellent care and drives innovation through research and treatment, while focusing on the patient’s quality of life, is both rewarding and motivating.”

Away from the clinic, Tina enjoys spending time with family and throwing a football around with her son. She likes running, taking scenic walks, playing racquetball and staying busy with church and community activities.