Janie Connor, RN BSN OCN

Position: Oncology Nurse Manager

Compassionate and driven, Janie Connor devotes endless energy to ensure that patients receive the most effective, safe and efficient care possible.

As oncology nurse manager, Janie leads the nursing and medical assistant teams in their efforts to adjust to health care trends, enhance communication and work together to provide personalized care, support and hope.

“We have the honor of being part of our patients’ lives and guiding them through what is likely one of the most difficult experiences they will ever have. They are on a journey they didn’t choose, but we are able to support them and their families, provide education and symptom management, and just be there to listen to their concerns.”

As a board member for the local chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society, Janie is always looking for ways to make the patient experience better. She challenges herself and her team to grow, learn and develop trust with patients.

Drawn to physical activity, Janie enjoys spending her free time hiking with her husband and their dog, running and doing CrossFit.