In a world where so much information is at your fingertips, it makes sense that your medical information should be, too. That’s why Willamette Valley Cancer Institute provides you instant access to your treatment history, including diagnosis, medications and lab results through a secure patient portal.

The portal, called My Care Plus, allows patients to view their personal health record whenever they need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s convenient, easy to navigate and offers many advantages for patients.

View details
With My Care Plus, you can see detailed information about your diagnosis, lab results reviewed by your physician, as well as medications, therapies and allergies.

Access your personal health record
Through the portal, you can print any of the pages you want to review, or download them and save copies for your files. You are also able to share your health information with family and caregivers.

The message center
When you use the My Care Plus Messaging Center, you can communicate securely with your care team about non-urgent topics, such as scheduling and cancelling appointments and preparing for diagnostics tests. You can also ask questions about lab results and non-urgent medication issues.

Getting started
It’s easy to enroll in the patient portal and begin accessing your personal health record. Talk with any WVCI staff member and they will provide you the necessary consent forms to begin the sign-up process.

The patient portal is meant to be an extension of WVCI, providing you with a better understanding of your care and treatment plan through easy online access to your clinical information. And it’s there whenever you need it, day or night.