When Rick Dancer found out he had prostate cancer in January 2010, he knew his life was changed. He says he was shocked, stunned and scared. But Rick wasn’t scared the cancer was going to kill him. He knew prostate cancer is highly treatable. He just didn’t want to go through the process of dealing with the cancer, and the treatments.

But Rick, who works in the television production industry, realized he wanted to make his journey with prostate cancer a public thing, to help other men understand prostate cancer, the treatment options and the best ways to get through it.

In this video, with appearances by his greatest advocate, his wife Kathy Dancer, Rick talks about his doctor visits, the scary research on the Internet and the careful, thorough steps he took to review and find the best treatment options for him.

“I wish in those early days I had a team of specialists like the ones at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute to talk with us about all the options, not just the usual treatments,” Rick says.

He says you can’t rely on advice from friends or relatives; each person needs to choose individual-specific options, and his wife was definitely part of the decision-making.

For a first-hand account of his journey through this process of discovering his cancer and dealing with it, click to watch the video.

Rick says he’ll never regret taking the time to review the options, and that cancer has given him a new way to look at life.