Contact us

Eugene, Florence
Ph: 541-683-5001
Fax: 541-683-1422

Ph: 541-465-3300

Ph: 541-754-1256
Fax: 360-597-1472


Eugene/Florence phone tree

When calling Eugene or Florence at 541-683-5001, you will be routed to an automated phone system that will direct you to the specific person you need. Feel free to skip the intro by pressing one of these options:

Press 1 – to speak with a Nurse
Press 2 – to speak with the Scheduling Dept
Press 3 – to speak with the Billing Dept
Press 4 – to speak with the Medical Records Dept
Press 5 – to speak with the Pharmacy about a prescription
Press 0 – to reach an Operator
Press * – to enter a Direct Extension
Press # – to repeat the Menu

Note: Gynecologic Oncology (541-465-3300) and our Corvallis location (541-754-1256) have direct numbers and do not use this phone system.

After hours call instructions

If you are calling after normal business hours, it’s important to provide the on-call physician needed¬†background information, so that the doctor can help you. If you are a patient with cancer or a caregiver, please be prepared to offer the following details when you call:

Hello, my name is ___________________.
I am a patient of Dr. ___________________.
I have ______________ cancer.
I am currently being treating with the following medications _____________________.
I am allergic to the following medications _____________.
The last time I received (chemo/radiation) therapy was ____________________.
I (do/don’t) have a port/picc line.
The reason for my call is ________________________.