Breast cancer survivor creates an event to support other patients

Kelly Barton is a planner and a problem-solver by nature. But what she didn't plan for was a breast cancer diagnosis in January. Once the initial shock of her diagnosis eased, Kelly did what she does best—she focused on learning as much as she could about her cancer and choosing the best treatment for herself.

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Breast cancer: Sorting fact from fiction

Stacia Pugh will never forget the day she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "It was two weeks after my 39th birthday, and I was just not expecting that. It was eye-opening and shocking," she says. The single mother of two from Corvallis was filled with worry, for herself and her kids, but she knew she had to deal with it head-on. "Once I found out I had cancer, my goal was 'How are we going to cure this? How am I going to beat this?'"

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Finding support in the midst of cancer

Last year, Charity's life took an unexpected and devastating turn. Her younger sister Fawn was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. "She had chemotherapy and radiation in the beginning, and it didn't work. It just kept spreading, and she passed away in November," Charity says. "I found out two days after my sister's funeral that I had breast cancer." Charity, who naturally exudes positivity, began to experience the physical and emotional toll of her own cancer diagnosis.

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Oregon Cancer Alliance helps patients with gastrointestinal cancers navigate their journey

To treat cancer successfully, it takes a highly qualified team of providers focused on the needs of the patient. "Cancer care and cancer cure doesn't come from just one doctor," says Willamette Valley Cancer Institute radiation oncologist Dr. Thomas Sroka. "It comes from many groups and specialties working together."

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