A team approach to treating prostate cancer

As chief medical physicist at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, Adil Akhtar's job is all about the details.Patients undergoing radiation treatment may never meet him, but they benefit from his work. He ensures, first and foremost, patient safety, as well as the quality and effectiveness of every radiation treatment a patient receives."It's very exciting what we're able to do," Akhtar says. "We are able to shape radiation, which is a pretty phenomenal thing. You can't see [...]

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What happens during radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

When patients undergo radiation therapy, it’s common for them to ask: What will it feel like? At Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, we deliver a variety of radiation treatments using the Trilogy Linear Accelerator by Varian Medical Systems. Its powerful, advanced motion management capabilities make it possible to treat tumors with precision and efficiency. “Typically, patients are amazed after their first few treatments, because it’s kind of like getting an X-ray,” says WVCI radiation oncologist [...]

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Things get hairy in November for a good cause

No razors for 30 days. That’s the mantra for participants of Grow Your Mo, a community campaign to raise money for the Oregon Cancer Foundation. Thirteen men from Lane County are growing their facial hair for the month of November to spread awareness about OCF’s Financial Assistance Program. The program provides stopgap emergency funding to patients undergoing cancer treatment in Lane County. Participants include Willamette Valley Cancer Institute oncologists Jeff Sharman, Charles Anderson, John [...]

Treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy

When prostate cancer patients consider treatment options like radiation therapy, they often have a lot of questions. Willamette Valley Cancer Institute oncologists are here to help you make the best decisions for your individual situation. “There’s a lot of misinformation and fear about radiation so I schedule extra time with patients,” says radiation oncologist Dr. David Fryefield. “We sit and talk and work our way through their questions and concerns.” One challenge in treating [...]

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Choosing the right prostate cancer treatment

It's normal to feel anxious and overwhelmed after receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis. You're suddenly facing some unexpected choices and an unknown outcome. And you're certain to have a lot of questions. "The first thing to do is take a step back and gather all the information," says Radiation Oncologist David Fryefield. "You don't need to have surgery tomorrow. You don't need to start radiation tomorrow. You need to find out what your options [...]

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Support groups offer benefits to patients and caregivers

When you or a loved one is going through cancer, it's hard to know where to turn for support. For many reasons, it can be uncomfortable to talk with loved ones about what you're going through. Twice a month, Sandra Vanderzanden shares her experience with cancer surrounded by those who understand where she's coming from, as part of the Living with Cancer Support Group at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Sandra is a caregiver to [...]

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