WVCI’s gynecologic oncology services relocating to Country Club Road clinic

The 8,000-square-foot expansion and renovation of Willamette Valley Cancer Institute's Country Club road clinic is nearing completion. Plans are now underway to relocate services currently offered at our RiverBend clinic to our Country Club location. The first department to make the move is Gynecological Oncology services. Our Gyn Onc department will begin seeing patients at Country Club on Monday, May 22, 2017. What can patients expect? When patients arrive at Country Club, they will [...]

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UPDATE: WVCI facility expansion brings additional changes for patients

Patients coming to WVCI's Country Club Road clinic between now and late January will need to use the rear service elevator to access the building's second floor departments. To reach the rear elevator and get to the medical oncology exam rooms, the infusion room or retail pharmacy, patients should go down the hall, past the lab. The clinic's front elevator is closed due to renovation and expansion construction. From time to time, the construction [...]

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WVCI staff compete in pumpkin-decorating contest

We are in the Halloween spirit at both our Country Club Road and RiverBend clinics this week. Staff members in each department combined their imaginations to decorate pumpkins, which are on display in the waiting room of each clinic. Patients are encouraged to vote for their favorites. The creativity is as varied as the personalities that make up our wonderful staff, and we had a lot of fun creating these pumpkin masterpieces. The votes [...]

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WVCI facility expansion work ramps up

Big changes are happening at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, and we ask for your continued patience as our facility expansion and renovation moves into phase II. This phase of the construction project will be the most complex and potentially disruptive, as work crews begin renovating interior patient care areas. What can patients expect? Due to work in the main lobby—including the reception desk, front elevator and waiting room—patients entering the building will be directed [...]

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Retired WVCI physician honored with bench at Mount Pisgah

The bench is located on the main summit trail Dr. Peter Kovach spent 20 of his 33 years in oncology caring for patients at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Dr. Kovach retired earlier this year and, as is tradition at WVCI, discussion among the physicians began over what to present him as a retirement gift. For a man often described as compassionate and caring and who dedicated decades to his patients, they decided [...]

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What’s all the commotion?

If you've visited Willamette Valley Cancer Institute's facility on Country Club Road in Eugene recently, you've likely noticed construction underway. We are renovating our building and expanding it by 8,000 square feet, with the goal of providing even better patient care. Currently, crews are working on the south and west sides of the building, with the project scheduled to be complete in May 2017. When finished, our RiverBend facility in Springfield will close and [...]

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New lung cancer therapies inspire hope at summit

Anne with Chris Draft, former NFL player and founder of the Chris Draft Family Foundation There’s a saying in the lung cancer community: If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. It happened to Anne Gallagher, a patient navigator at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, and according to the American Lung Association, there are more than 400,000 Americans living today who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. But there is hope, says [...]

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Personalizing cancer treatment

Cancer treatment has significantly changed over the last five years, largely due to research that has produced targeted therapies and immunotherapies, which are directly benefiting patients at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Targeted therapy Targeted therapies are drugs designed to interfere with specific molecules that tumors need to grow, while the therapies do little damage to normal cells. “It’s treatment that is unique to an individual patient,” says Dr. Jeff Sharman, director of research at [...]

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How is prognosis determined?

One of the first questions typically asked by patients diagnosed with cancer is, “How serious is it?” Your oncologist can't predict the future, but he or she can make an estimate based on other people's experiences with the same type of cancer. This is referred to as a prognosis. “The prognosis of cancer often depends on the stage, which is the extent of the cancer. Is it contained or has it spread beyond the organ? [...]

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