Clinical trials showing promise in treating gynecologic cancers

When Dianne Burch was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she was unsure of what the outcome may be. Today, she is in full remission from her disease and is currently enrolled in a clinical research trial at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute in Eugene, one of five trials underway focusing on gynecologic cancers.

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Diagnosing and removing a pelvic mass

Approximately 20 percent of women will develop a pelvic mass at some point in their lives. When a woman is referred to Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, a gynecologic oncologist works to determine whether the mass is benign or malignant. Understandably, this can be an anxious time for patients and having the right information is important. “When a patient has a consultation, we discuss different scenarios,” say gynecologic oncologist Dr. Kathleen Yang. “What if the [...]

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Mother of five credits cancer catch to baby’s arrival

Sandra’s five children, including baby Sawyer As a wife and mother to five children, Sandra Brace’s plate was already full. Her youngest child, Sawyer, arrived in May of 2015. At 35 years old and symptom-free, she never expected to have cancer. “My husband and I thought we were done having babies, then I got pregnant with Sawyer,” Sandra said. “My doctor actually found the cancer at my six-week post-partum checkup.” Sandra’s doctor [...]

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Support groups offer benefits to patients and caregivers

When you or a loved one is going through cancer, it's hard to know where to turn for support. For many reasons, it can be uncomfortable to talk with loved ones about what you're going through. Twice a month, Sandra Vanderzanden shares her experience with cancer surrounded by those who understand where she's coming from, as part of the Living with Cancer Support Group at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Sandra is a caregiver to [...]

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