Telegenetics offer patients a look at their inheritable cancer risk

Genevieve White wants to know more about her family tree. And for good reason: many of her relatives on her mother's side of the family have developed some type of cancer. "I'm the first one in three generations of my family to survive colon cancer," Genevieve says. "I want to know what's going on, mostly for the sake of the next generations, like my nieces and my nephews." Genetics and cancer risk Most cancer cases [...]

Mother of four finds inspiration in music after cancer diagnosis

If someone wrote a country music song about Sara Kaster’s life, she would want it to exude hope, strength, perseverance and triumph. Those are the types of songs Sara listens to, to help her stay positive in her three and a half year fight against colorectal cancer. “I didn’t recognize the signs of the disease because I was pregnant with my youngest child,” The 38-year-old mother of four says. “When my son was 7 [...]

What is Staging?

An important part of treating a patient’s cancer is to first find out how far it has spread, or what “stage” it has reached. “We want to know: Where is the cancer? Has it spread from where it originated in the body? And if it has spread, to what degree?” says Willamette Valley Cancer Institute oncologist Dr. Wayne Ormsby. Knowing the stage helps doctors plan the appropriate type of treatment, estimate a patient’s prognosis [...]

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