Clinical trials offer patients access to the latest breakthroughs

When Shari Pimental underwent routine surgery two years ago to remove her gallbladder, she woke up in the recovery room and learned she had stage III ovarian cancer.

Dr. Kathleen Yang, Shari's gynecologic oncologist at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, thought Shari could possibly benefit from a clinical trial at WVCI for an investigational drug, classified as a PARP inhibitor that's designed to block specific enzymes that cancer cells need to survive.

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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the centerpiece for the drug-testing system in the United States. Each cancer study conducted tries to answer scientific questions and determine better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat the disease. As researchers test the effectiveness of trial drugs, patients who participate, in many cases, benefit from life-saving treatment options years before they are available to the public. As a member of The US Oncology Network, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research [...]

Immunotherapy is life-changing for melanoma patient

Mary Weber looks forward to her daily bike ride each morning. It wasn’t too long ago that she didn’t have the strength to walk up a flight of stairs, let alone exercise. “I was really sick,” Mary said. “I couldn’t do anything that a healthy person could do.” Having grown up in San Diego, Mary spent her childhood at the beach. That was before most people understood the importance of using quality sunscreen. “I [...]

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Patient finds renewed hope with immunotherapy

Jackie Templeton and her husband, Brian, will celebrate 50 years of marriage this month. It's a milestone Jackie wasn't sure she'd live to see. After a difficult two-and-a-half year struggle against metastatic melanoma, her health improved significantly after being introduced to an immunotherapy drug called Keytruda, as a patient at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. "I've never been in a tanning booth, but my mother always thought if you looked tan, you were healthier," Jackie [...]

Quest for quality cancer care leads to Eugene

Lynn Samuels is on what she calls a "medical safari." She and her husband, Loren, are temporary transplants in Eugene. They came here following an extensive search for the specialized care Lynn needed, which they found at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center, under the care of Dr. Jeff Sharman and Dr. Haidy Lee. "I think a person really needs to get proactive and educate themself and look at all the options. That's [...]

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