Immunotherapy is changing the cancer landscape

We are embarking on a new horizon in fighting cancer, and it looks like there's a possibility we might win this battle. Cancer treatment and patients' prognosis are changing in positive ways, in part, due to the introduction of immunotherapy. Traditional medicine, which includes chemotherapy and radiation, does not always distinguish well between cancerous and non-cancerous cells and healthy cells can be affected in the process, which is one of the reasons patients often experience [...]

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Healthy habits to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment

No one wants to face the prospect of a cancer diagnosis, especially when recovery means a long treatment regimen that may include surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. All of these treatments, while they can be life-saving, come with side effects that are less than desirable. The good news is that developing and maintaining some healthy habits can help you reduce the impact of these effects on your body and mind, and most importantly, help you [...]

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Forum offers information for navigating work with breast cancer

Many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer want to continue working, whether for a sense of normalcy or because of financial necessity. But there are often issues that arise while working during and after treatment and returning to work after taking an extended leave from the workplace. Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington is hosting a forum on Sat., Oct. 22 at the Eugene Hilton on how to navigate a cancer diagnosis [...]

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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are the centerpiece for the drug-testing system in the United States. Each cancer study conducted tries to answer scientific questions and determine better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat the disease. As researchers test the effectiveness of trial drugs, patients who participate, in many cases, benefit from life-saving treatment options years before they are available to the public. As a member of The US Oncology Network, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research [...]

Do your skin a favor, don’t forget sunscreen

With skin cancer being the most common of all cancers, protecting yourself from the sun is something to think about all year long, especially on these hot, summer days. According to a survey by the CDC in 2008, only a third of adults report using sunscreen regularly. However, getting even a single sunburn increases your risk of developing melanoma—the deadliest form of skin cancer. Suffering five or more sunburns doubles your lifetime risk. While [...]

By | July 8th, 2015|Blog, Cancer News, Melanoma|
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