Annual tournament takes a swing at breast cancer

Approximately 63 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this week in Oregon, according to the American Cancer Society. That is why 10 teams of softball players from Lane County travel to Salem one weekend each summer to join a movement that is taking a swing at cancer. With support from friends and family, Kris Knox, an officer with the Salem Police Department, organized the first Play for a Cure softball tournament 15 years [...]

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Forum offers information for navigating work with breast cancer

Many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer want to continue working, whether for a sense of normalcy or because of financial necessity. But there are often issues that arise while working during and after treatment and returning to work after taking an extended leave from the workplace. Susan G. Komen Oregon & SW Washington is hosting a forum on Sat., Oct. 22 at the Eugene Hilton on how to navigate a cancer diagnosis [...]

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Breast cancer survivor gains new perspective and learns to laugh again

Tiffany Olson will never think of New Year’s Eve quite the same way.  On Dec. 31, 2014, when her friends and family were preparing to welcome in a new year full of possibilities, Tiffany learned she had breast cancer. “When my doctor gave me the news, I just stared at him,” she says. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m a talker. But in that moment, I was speechless.” A week earlier, on Christmas Eve [...]

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Bras for a Cure event supports cancer patients in Lane County

Shirley Lyons and her daughter Toviana Jackson are in the emotion business. For more than 40 years, the family has owned and operated Dandelions Flowers & Gifts in Eugene. “We see the births, we see the deaths, we see illness, and we send flowers for those occasions,” Shirley says. “So our work is touching people’s lives during the greatest and most difficult times in their lives.” Four years ago, the mother-daughter team felt compelled [...]

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Katie Burke: A survivor’s story

Katie Burke’s life hasn’t gone exactly as planned. But as a patient navigator at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, she’s proof that life’s detours can take you places you’d never expected. “I meet with newly diagnosed breast, lung and colorectal patients,” Katie says. “I walk them through the process and connect them with resources, like our social worker, our dietician and support groups. I’m a kind of cheerleader for patients all the way through.” Katie [...]

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Stacie Overman: What cancer taught me

Stacie Overman can tell you all about the ugly side of cancer—what the disease looks like when it ravages a family, what it’s taken from her and the struggles she’s faced. Instead, nine years after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Stacie chooses to reflect on what cancer has taught her and make the most of what she calls “a blessed life.” Stacie with her grandson, Brody “Being diagnosed with cancer is very [...]

What is Staging?

An important part of treating a patient’s cancer is to first find out how far it has spread, or what “stage” it has reached. “We want to know: Where is the cancer? Has it spread from where it originated in the body? And if it has spread, to what degree?” says Willamette Valley Cancer Institute oncologist Dr. Wayne Ormsby. Knowing the stage helps doctors plan the appropriate type of treatment, estimate a patient’s prognosis [...]

Stacie: On healing, finding new love and reality TV

Since 2010, breast cancer survivor Stacie Sisk (now Stacie Overman) has experienced career changes, guilt, new love, a second cancer scare, and a soon-to-air reality TV series. She's navigated the twists and turns in the same ways she always has - with a positive outlook, caring heart and visionary spirit. Arriving today at a place of peace, she feels she's on the right track. The video series featured on this blog brought to a close [...]

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