Treatment advances bring hope to lung cancer patients

As a young adult, Anne Gallagher knew there would be plenty of things she would have to deal with in her life. She never expected a lung cancer diagnosis to be one of them. "I was 25, and it completely rocked my world and changed my future," she says. Anne's diagnosis nearly 15 years ago reaffirmed her desire to help other patients through her work in oncology. Five years ago, she joined the staff [...]

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Ovarian cancer clinical trials providing new hope to patients

LeeAnna Shreve is happiest surrounded by family. That's evident by the dozens of family photos that fill the walls of her Eugene home. It was her family that LeeAnna leaned on when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2016. "I was surprised, because cancer was the farthest thing from my mind. I just thought I was having menopausal issues," she says. According to estimates from the American Cancer Society, more than 22,000 women [...]

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Physicians collaborate on care at breast cancer tumor board

A breast cancer patient will typically see many specialists, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. To help ensure patients get the most efficient and strategic care possible, a multidisciplinary team of specialists, including oncologists from Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, meet twice a month at what's known as tumor board. "There are many different types of breast cancers and, therefore, the most appropriate and effective treatment is going to vary, based on what type of [...]

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WVCI’s gynecologic oncology services relocating to Country Club Road clinic

The 8,000-square-foot expansion and renovation of Willamette Valley Cancer Institute's Country Club road clinic is nearing completion. Plans are now underway to relocate services currently offered at our RiverBend clinic to our Country Club location. The first department to make the move is Gynecological Oncology services. Our Gyn Onc department will begin seeing patients at Country Club on Monday, May 22, 2017. What can patients expect? When patients arrive at Country Club, they will [...]

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Immunotherapy is changing the cancer landscape

We are embarking on a new horizon in fighting cancer, and it looks like there's a possibility we might win this battle. Cancer treatment and patients' prognosis are changing in positive ways, in part, due to the introduction of immunotherapy. Traditional medicine, which includes chemotherapy and radiation, does not always distinguish well between cancerous and non-cancerous cells and healthy cells can be affected in the process, which is one of the reasons patients often experience [...]

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Friends of Florence offers patients support on wheels

Instead of having to drive and deal with the expense of gas and the wear and tear on their personal vehicles, Willamette Valley Cancer Institute patients who reside on the coast can ride the Friends of Florence van free of charge to and from treatment in Eugene. The nonprofit has been offering this service for 32 years, and it all started because one man understood the difficulties of dealing with cancer and set out to make things easier for others.

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