Patient navigator

A WVCI patient navigator serves as a guide to help you anticipate, address and overcome any challenges in the cancer treatment process, as well as coordinate services to improve the quality of care you'll receive.

All potential breast, colorectal and lung cancer patients will receive a phone call from a WVCI patient navigator once WVCI has been contacted by a referring physician. The patient navigator will meet the patient at his or her first appointment with an oncologist and determine plans to meet again depending on the patient's treatment plan.*

All services provided by patient navigators are free.

With the help of a patient navigator, you are:

  • Guided through the treatment process
  • Assisted in filling out insurance paperwork or finding transportation to medical appointments
  • Helped to identify local resources
  • Given ideas about communicating effectively with health care professionals
  • Encouraged and emotionally supported

It's important to note that our patient navigator cannot:

  • Provide physical assessments, diagnoses or treatments
  • Order care, treatments or medications
  • Attend to or become involved in any direct patient care (change dressings, provide direct financial assistance, pick up patients for appointments)
  • Provide physical, occupational or speech therapy
  • Offer opinions about any aspect of health care delivered within our organization or others
  • Provide recommendations or opinions about physicians or health care organizations

Patient navigators are available during office hours by calling WVCI's main phone number, 541-683-5001. Read more about our patient navigators, Katie Burke and Andrea Wolf.

*At any time, the potential patient can choose to opt out of guidance from a patient navigator.