Chapter 8: The Day I Lost My Hair Like parting with a security blanket, it wasn't easy for Stacie Sisk-Overman to lose her hair. But she had a head-shaving party and boldly celebrated her new look.


  • J Jones July 19, 2011 4:34 PM

    You are so awesome, Stacie!

  • Scott July 19, 2011 10:46 PM

    Your an amazing women Sista!  BIG hugs to you.

  • Cheryl August 12, 2011 3:35 PM

    This segment touched my heart.  Really it felt like you reached in and just squeezed my heart.  Thank you for keeping it real.  There is no shame in cancer and there is no shame in you.  Continuing your work and whipping off that wig sounds like something I would do.  If I wasn’t home wallowing in self pity.  You really are an inspiration.  When it all comes down to it , a positive disposition and the courage to fight makes all the difference in winning the battle.  I send you my love and prayers.  Keep on keeping on!

  • luanne September 19, 2012 10:54 PM

    my last chemo treatment was may of 2012 and at the time of my chemo i did not lose my hair but today i noticed more hair on my shirt than what would be normal even running my fingers gently thru my hair their was more strans then what i normally lose soooo is it normal to lose your hair soo far out from your last treatment??????????????????

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