Breast cancer: DCIS versus IDC

Breast cancer can begin in the ducts, the lobules and the tissue in between. The cancer cells can grow and be contained inside the ducts. The lining, or the wall of the duct, make a tight junction and contain the cancer cells. That type of cancer is DCIS, or Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. The cancer has not moved, it is in situ, "in its original place" — the duct. If the cancer breaks through the duct, it is called infiltrating or invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC).

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By Julie B. Gemmell, MD

Posted August 20, 2014



Dr. Wayne Ormsby joins WVCI

Introducing our new hematologist-oncologist, Dr. Wayne Ormsby. For Dr. Ormsby, hematology and oncology provide opportunities to establish close relationships with his patients and to support continuous advances in treatment options.

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Posted July 23, 2014

Technology donation gives back to the community

After Willamette Valley Cancer Institute upgraded more than 125 PCs and laptops at the Eugene location this April, David Eccles, our IT coordinator, explored whether the equipment could be donated to benefit the community. And that's exactly what he found with NextStep Recycling in West Eugene.

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Posted July 17, 2014

Making informed decisions between standard of care therapies and clinical trials

A diagnosis of cancer immediately presents you with a raft of decisions to make. You first need to know your specific diagnosis, the kind and stage of cancer, and then there are your treatment options to consider. At WVCI, we strive for patient involvement to the utmost, for you to understand the scope of standard treatment and the parameters of clinical trials. We're here to help you make the best treatment decision for you.

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By Christopher Yasenchak, MD

Posted June 25, 2014

Dr. Christopher A. Yasenchak joins us at RiverBend

A board-certified hematologist, Dr. Christopher A. Yasenchak works as a co-investigator for numerous clinical trials, investigating novel treatments for hematologic malignancies. He has a passion for research and for providing access to state-of-the-art clinical trials in the communities where his patients live.

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Posted June 18, 2014