The different lymphomas

As a patient recently diagnosed with lymphoma, sifting through all the new information can be overwhelming. With up to 100 different forms, lymphomas are not the most easily categorized of cancers.

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By Jeff Sharman, MD

Posted April 16, 2014

Clinical trial offers patient new therapy, lease on life

Bud Thoms first noticed the lump in his neck in early 2003. He didn't tell his wife, Delores, because they were planning a month-long trip to visit relatives on the East Coast. He felt fine. But by September, when they returned, Bud, 69 at the time, couldn't hide it from Delores any longer. A visit to his primary care physician occurred that September, followed by a biopsy that confirmed the PCP's suspicions: Bud had mantle cell lymphoma, an aggressive cancer that develops in the lymph system, responsible for defending the body against infection.

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Posted April 9, 2014

Free Presentation: The New American Plate

A sensible approach to eating for better health, presented by Dietician Shelly Kokkeler, MS, RD, CSO, LD.

Wednesday, April 23
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Community Room
520 Country Club Road

Call 541-681-4945 to register

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Posted April 2, 2014

What are the signs, symptoms of prostate cancer?

I'm often asked about the signs to look for with prostate cancer. That question is not easily answered. Early stages of prostate cancer rarely show any signs or symptoms. However, with advanced prostate cancer you can experience some or all of these symptoms, once a tumor causes the prostate gland to swell.

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By David Fryefield, MD

Posted March 31, 2014

WVCI published again in New England Journal of Medicine

Clinical trial research at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute and Research Center (WVCI) was published January in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), marking the second time in six months cancer research at WVCI appeared in the presitigous journal.

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Posted March 5, 2014